Building Europe Together

by | May 23, 2024

In Munich, celebrations around Europe Day took place for a whole month. In this context, Together for Europe participated in the city centre with a stand. Many people visited the stand, including children and young people: the generations that will carry Europe into the future.

In 2024, the city of Munich once again sent out a common message for Europe: there were celebrations around Europe Day for a whole month. This year, the focus was on the European elections scheduled for 9 June. Activities and events were held every day. Munich residents were invited to actively participate, ask questions and be creative.

In this context, on 9 May, Together for Europe – represented by the Focolare Movement and the YMCA on site – took part in the big party in the city centre with a stand in front of the main stage, where singers, various speakers, and musicians alternated throughout the afternoon.

A lot of people came to inquire about our ecumenical network and its activities in Europe. There was time and space to get to know each other, exchange ideas, dreams and even difficulties.

Capturing the attention was a puzzle about the European continent that fascinated mainly children and young people, the generations that will carry Europe into the future.

Beatriz Lauenroth


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