Activate your City

It is the city, your city, that is the first field of action of Together for Europe.

Locally implemented collaboration forms the vital fabric of our network.

Members of Communities and Movements from one city meet to get to know each other better, to pray for their area, to delve into issues, speeches or documents of Together for Europe.

They publicly express their convictions about Europe and take action regarding the 7 YESES initiatives.

They visit civil and religious authorities, and inform the local media.


Based on our experiences, here are a few suggestions to start and foster Together for Europe in your city.

Take measurements
Step 1
Be a Community
Step 2
Act together
Step 3

Become aware of the activities in which Communities and Movements are engaged in favour of the 7 Yeses.

  • To become aware together of the places and activities in one’s own city where the Communities and Movements are committed to the 7 Yeses.

  • Examine in which activities collaboration between Movements and Communities is possible, according to the specific nature of each.

  • Identify the critical points in one’s own city and assess how one can make a contribution by acting together.

  • Make representations to the city’s civil and religious authorities, presenting the reality of Together for Europe.

Increase fellowship, pray, exchange experiences, help each other, encourage each other.

  • Plan meetings to exchange experiences, increase communion between Movements and Communities, help, advise and encourage each other: visit each other.

  • Pray for one’s own city; ask unanimously in the name of Jesus, asking Him what is dear to us for our city and for Europe.

  • Read the Bases of Communion between Communities and Christian Movements, to grasp together their deep meaning and to be inspired for possible actions.

Europe Day initiatives around 9 May and the 7 Yeses

  • Form a local coordination team of Together for Europe. Liaise with the coordination team at national level, if it already exists.  

  • Plan some initiatives – in person or online – for Europe Day around 9 May; or for one of the 7 Yeses, at any time of the year.

  • Identify other initiatives and works in civil society that are related to the 7 Yeses and support them as far as possible.

  • Make the various initiatives of Together for Europe known through the local media.

A Current of Hope

The Bases of Communion

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