Meeting of the Friends of Together for Europe

Castel Gandolfo 2021

Castel Gandolfo, 6 November 2021

The meeting started in the morning of 6 November at the International Centre of the Focolare Movement in Castel Gandolfo. After a day of sharing and work by the Steering Committee – some of the top leaders of the Communities and Movements of various Churches were present – the online connection with the Friends of Together for Europe at the various listening points was next. It was an opportunity to renew the common mission for Europe, as the title of the conference also suggested: from polarisation toward a reconciled diversity, through reconciliation.

The day was characterised by a lively exchange on the commitment to meet the physical or spiritual needs of so many people, thus giving signs of hope around them. These experiences framed the two keynote contributions: those of Gerhard Pross and Margaret Karram. The evening prayer, conducted in 4 languages, culminated with the ‘pact of mutual love’ (cf. Jn 13:34), renewed in many languages.

In the evening, one chat read:Together for Europelooks likea karstic river that you cannot see, because it flows underground, but works, drags, digs, joins others and then returns to the surface, you don’t know where or when, but it transforms the territory it crosses.

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The invisible green pass

The invisible green pass

Reality ought to be faced in light of our calling: this enables us to read and understand together the signs of the times and act accordingly. This is what the Meeting of Together for Europe was all about. All controls are in place: the green pass, the wrist...

Polarization and reconciled diversity

Polarization and reconciled diversity

“We consider the polarization of our society as one of the greatest challenges that Europe and the world are facing”. This affirmation comes from the Team preparing the international Meeting of the ‘Friends’ of Together for Europe, which is scheduled for Saturday...

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