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“Together for Europe” is growing – Local Events 2009

With the Continental Manifestations in 2004 and 2007, a journey of Togetherness between Christian Communities and Movements started in many places. In 2009, to ‘sow’ in the local area, national meetings were held in 12 countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Northern Ireland, Hungary, Italy, Russia, Switzerland, Slovakia and Slovenia. Each of these events had a different imprint, depending on the cultural area and the Communities and Movements organising it together on site. The common goal is to responsibly face the challenge facing Europe today, starting from their own territory.

Television, radio and press networks are present in several Countries. Incisive testimonies express the commitment in the most diverse situations: the acceptance and defence of life, the complex problems for today’s family, the relationship with nature, solidarity with the poor and those in need of assistance, peace building, security in the city and in the various fields of society. The testimonies communicate the certainty that in a lived-out Gospel one can find the answer to every problem.

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2009 Local Events

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