Together for Europe 2007

Stuttgart, 12 May 2007

It was not just an event. It is a way of looking at the future. The dream of a continent in which Christians work together with conviction to compose a ‘Europe of the spirit’. The outlines of a new culture emerged: the culture of communion. 8,000 people from 250 Movements and Communities gathered in the Schleyer-Halle in Stuttgart,

The participants received encouragement from heads of state, the presence of high-ranking church leaders and European politicians. Many shared their personal stories and initiatives born out of the lived Gospel. They showed the courage to go beyond pain and difficulties. The day endrd with a solemn declaration of commitments and demands, expressed in ‘7 YESES’: to life, peace, creation, family, a fair economy, solidarity, and responsibility towards society. Artistic performances expressed the beauty and richness of different cultures.

Parallel events took place all over Europe. In the same spirit, similar meetings were subsequently organised in Countries on other Continents. As in 2004, the day was preceded by a two-day Congress with 2,000 participants.

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