…brings together Christian Movements and Communities – over 300 in number spread across the Continent – belonging to different Churches. While preserving their independence, collectively they form a network to pursue shared goals, each bringing a contribution specific to their own charism.

A reality rooted in strong shared experiences; Movements and Communities – just as different from each other as European cultures, languages and regions – establish relationships of communion and fellowship in which full respect of mutual diversity is maintained.

Together for Europe wants to respond to a need for a “culture of reciprocity” in which individuals and peoples welcome and get to know each other and reconcile differences with mutual respect and support..

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Immersion in the Spirit

7 May in Brussels

How to overcome divisions

Education, our only possibility


Madeira together for peace

Belgium – Italy – Germany

Europe Day – Encounter in Graz

Fundamentally changed

Prayer for Peace

My peace I give to you

Step by Step – Encounter by Encounter

Hopeful Initiatives

Cultivating the culture of the encounter

David M. Sassoli

The invisible green pass

Polarization and reconciled diversity

Co-founders of a modern Europe

Dreams and visions

For the Earth and for Mankind

Seeing – Judging – Acting

Who cares!

The Czech Republic prays

My Europe – 45 minutes for Europe

Europe: reasons to hope

An event in the Chapel for Europe

May 8 Graz – time to dialogue

Italy in action

9th of May in the Netherlands

Are you connected?

Faithfulness to the future

Some French Initiatives

Charisms in the face of Coronavirus

Online, and yet, fully analogical

Looking at “the score” from Above

Crossing Europe in one day

A special event

Young people, be responsible

An epochal challenge for Europe


At Graz, May 9 will be international

A young Irishman’s impressions

Seeds of a new season from Augsburg

“It was like Easter”

Anniversary celebration in Augsburg

Second Conference day in Ottmaring

The meeting has started!

Europe’s splendour is its people

Augsburg – City of Peace

Together for Europe turns 20!

The vocation of Ottmaring

Enjoying the beauty of truth

Toward a Christian revival

Europe Day, People’s Day

Europe Day 2019 Strasbourg

Europe Day 2019 Roma

Europe Day 2019 Padova

Europe Day 2019 Carinthia

Europe Day 2019 Milano

Europe Day 2019 Esslingen

Seeking together

Bearers of hope

Responsibility means answers

The challenges of these turbulent times

Voices from Prague – part 4

Voices from Prague – part 3


Voices from Prague – part 2

Voices from Prague – part 1

3° Day TfE at Prague

2° Day TfE at Prague

1° Day TfE at Prague

The task of a creative minority

Europe – it is our business

Truth prevails

Looking ahead

Europe in an “Era of Fear”

Small prophetic steps for Europe

Fragments from Europe Day 2018

Young people love to be practical

Start with ourselves

The joy of being European

Sharing resources

Being “for” Europe

Slovenia: dialogue among Movements

Does hope have a future?

A Culture of Togetherness becomes clear

Juntos por México

Vienna, a Bridge between East and West

555th year anniversary

Europe, a promise of peace

Decades of surprise

Openness to dialogue

Studying, living, and teaching history


Further and further East

Welcome to Vienna!

Finally, Munich 2016 is online

Proposals that arrived

In Assisi among “peers”

9th May: Europe Day

Interview with Card. Kurt Koch

Christian Charisms and Europe

Still and ever more Europe

Message from Munich 2016

Slovenia: New steps for Together for Europe

Courage, Europe!

“In summary…”

Live from Munich – 3nd Day

Live from Munich – 2nd Day

Live from Munich – 1st Day

Endorsement from key EU Institutions

Charlemagne Prize for Europe

Video Messages and EU Patronage

Why are you afraid?


St. Ulrich Foundation Award

Würzburg and Ischia, 7/12/2013

Acer Movement: a rich encounter