Together for Europe 2004

Stuttgart, 8 May 2004

To give Europe a soul: more than 9,000 people were present in the Schleyer-Halle, 100,000 connected via satellite in 163 European cities and 35 cities in various parts of the world. For the first time in history, more than 180 Christian Movements and Communities from different Churches – Catholic, Evangelical, Orthodox, Anglican, Free Churches – came together. The vision of Europe in the light of charisms: “In order to make a contribution towards the growth of the Continent there is a need for a Europe of the Spirit”.

A composed and festive crowd. A gathering of women and men, citizens of Europe, entrepreneurs and politicians, young people, priests and pastors. The aim is to achieve continental unity while respecting differences, without neglecting the need for further openness beyond Europe’s borders. There were numerous messages from civil and ecclesiastical authorities. The voice of youth: ‘The Continent we want’.

Statements by charismatic leaders (among others Chiara Lubich, Helmut Nicklas, Andrea Riccardi), politicians (Romano Prodi), Bishops of various Churches and others. Many lived-out testimonies. Music, dance, artistic expressions. A pact of reconciliation and fraternity. A concluding message proclaimed together to continue the journey. A United Europe for a United World.

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